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Power Tool Batteries

introduces the 18-Volt OCTANE Bluetooth 9.0 Ah Battery with 18-Volt USB Portable Power Source with Activate Button. The OCTANE 18-Volt 9.0 Ah High Capacity Bluetooth Battery features extreme runtime and best-in-class intelligence. This battery offers 8X more runtime when compared to standard 1.5 Ah ..
$66.25 $66.25
The FLEXVOLT 12.0 Ah Battery provides up to 8X runtime in 20-Volt MAX and delivers ultimate power in 60-Volt MAX and 120-Volt MAX cordless tools. It changes voltage when you go from 20-Volt MAX to 60-Volt MAX tools. Lithium-Ion technology delivers performance in the same size as our 9.0 Ah Battery, ..
$65.99 $65.99
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